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Look, smart ass. If you can't tell that we are joking, I really cannot help you. Here, there's the wall. Now, aim very carefully, and smash it nice and fast. Do the world this favour.

happy deeparaya [wordslut]


only in singapore/malaysia will there be such a harmonious combination celebration - or so I hope.
racial harmony is really underrated throughout the world - it's those kind of harmony that people take for granted. Too many factors I think, affect it, but parents and teachers must relay the right messages.

So, to our readers, Happy Deeparaya. Now, excuse me while I go look for the whore, megalo and moon-st so they can post too..

My dream job is to be Subway counter guy [renegadewhore]


The reasons are rather simple really. We serve six inch and foot-long right? And all day long I will be at the counter asking everyone that comes in what length they want, half or all the way. Do they want the veggies, the sides, the muffins and what kind of sauces will they preferred in. Will they want their meat to warm up a little before consumption or they want to take it raw. Quick easy job with reasonable working hours and good pay.

Let’s say a nice Aussie girl with a pair of fat twins walks in, and she wants to order Steak&Cheese. My job scope requires me to greet and ask her, “Hi there, would you like a six-inches or foot-long for your steak?”

“I am going to go for a foot-long, and could you add some mayo with it?” replied the Aussie girl with a pair of fat twins.

And so there I will be spurting diligently the mayo on the bread with on to the Steak (and cheese). Probably thinking whether I should go out with the twins, since I have been staring at them since Aussie girl walked in.

For customer service brownie points, I will probably throw in a joke like, “You probably wouldn’t want extra eggs to go with the foot-long right? I mean, it’s gonna spoil the taste of the mayo with the Steak right?” Since the cheese is already there, I couldn’t possibly be any more than it.

In between awkward giggling, I will tell her it is eight dollars and fifty cents for the steak, with a discount (for excellent customer service) if she gives her number.

As the end of the customer service arrives, I wave goodbye to the twins as Aussie girl turn and leave the door quickly. Choking a little inside me, I pick up the bottle of mayo and go the storage and fill it up real quick before another Russian girl comes…

admit it, I bore you. [wordslut]


So I was telling the whore that day that sex had ruined every relationship I had. I mean, all I want is a man that really loves me, and now, fuck it, I should just accept that men can be sweet, but never to me.

If ain't that homophobic (for myself) I might actually consider turning lesbian. But it's not really the men, or the women. Yes, it's me.

Does that really shock you? That a blogger actually doesn't blame the whole world before even considering themselves? Well, I'm a rare breed then, but somehow my value has the same figure as the quantity of my breed.

I'm boring.

Woohoo, did that blow your mind? A blogger admitting that she's boring? Well I am! I'm only interesting on the surface, and try as I might, I have a knack for saying the wrong things at the wrong time innocently, and for some reason that's less toleratable. But it's ok for me to be boring, apparently my friends tell me that I'm a smart, sexy, confident woman and hence that should be ok.

Well, being smart, sexy and confident hasn't gotten me a man. And unlike what the whore said, I do NOT need to get laid. If I wanted to, I have a whole bunch of choices. But I need someone to laugh at my jokes... the way I'll laugh at his.

Obviously, I'm not talking about a standup comedian here, you idiot. But since I've been rather brain dead since 5, I'll stop here.

Before I bore you. But since this is a blog, too bad. Hahahhahahaha *evil laughter*

I shall rule the blogosphere with my increasingly boredom!

Do the nasty on me, Baby Wendy. [renegadewhore]


I want her to do me nasty, very badly.

I want her to thrust me on the floor and molest my head passionately.

I want her to slide it in and out in a rhythmic motion. Non-stop.

I want her to hear my moan.

I want her to see my slimy content.

I want her to whisper in my ear,” Want more screwing around?”

I want her to know, please use 2 different cotton buds next time, please?

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